Why is it called a Hen Party?

Every weekend at The Fence, we have hens who have travelled from all over the country for that all important night with their bestie who is about to tie the knot. Nowadays it would be pretty unheard of to get married and not have a hen party in order to celebrate the final free moments before the big day. It got us thinking, why is it called a hen party and where did these hen parties originate from?

So with a little bit of digging, it turns out hen parties aren’t a creation of modern society, they go pretty far back. “Hen do” reportedly dates back to the 1800s where it was a term used to describe a gathering of women. Although it took until the 1960s and 70s before the parties became more apparent, this was arguably tied to the sexual revolution allowing people to act more free in spirit and nature. In the 1970s, engagement parties often featured the bride-to-be celebrating with her co-workers as her role was to change from work responsibilities to the role of a domestic wife and future mother. However parties gradually made their way out of the office and into the pubs and clubs. Activities such as life drawing classes and wine tasting became more popular for hen nights and eventually so did pub crawls. By late 90s, hen and stag parties were seen to be of equal importance seen almost as an essential prerequisite to getting married, also a boom in fancy dress costumes, limos and strippers were becoming increasingly popular for both parties and the alcohol flowed.

There is no denying that marriage is possibly the most important decision of your life so what better way to say goodbye to single life that to celebrate in style at The Fence with some of our awesome hen packages.

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