Shake it up with a Cocktail Class!

Life has taught us that if there’s one thing you should never do, it’s mix your drinks.
That is, unless your spending your weekend making cocktails at The Fence.
In case you don’t know already, we are slightly obsessed with cocktails and are super happy to introduce our cocktail class to you.
Do you fancy learning how to shake cocktails like a pro?? You will get your own charming mixologist who has a bundle of knowledge on the art of cocktail making and is also easy on the eye 🙂
A cocktail class is the perfect way to kick of your celebration – whether it be a hen party, birthday, engagement, girls night out or team bonding, we can can guarantee you a great night! Everyone gets to make and drink 3 cocktails each, this activity will sure kick start your night in style.
Our cocktail class is priced at €30 per person, which includes all the learning and then drinking 3 cocktails each. If you have worked up an appetite during the class and wish to keep your energy up for the dancing later that night in our nightclub (which is free to cocktail class goers) you can add in nibbles at just €5 ahead.

Not only will you have a serious amount of fun, drink delicious cocktails and learn lots of tips, there is actually some benefits to drinking cocktails.
Here they are…
– Cocktails contain vitamin C, think lemons, limes & beautiful garnishes & fruit.
– We are big fans of tonics which contain Quinine – a natural remedy that helps prevents malaria.
– Ginger has anti-nausea, anti inflammatory, antiseptic and can do wonders for your health.
– Gin is a clear winner packed full of herbal goodness made with juniper berries, Angelica root, rosemary, citrus peel, nutmeg, sage, lemongrass – the list is endless and most of which offer a wide range of healing benefits.
– Bitters are an essential ingredient to most cocktails which is great for you because angostura bitters are alleged to have restorative properties, and include ingredients such as orange peel and quinine. It has been reported to be a remedy for hiccups and also can be used as a cure for an upset stomach.
So there you go, just a very brief insight into one more reason why you should be drinking cocktails and more importantly get booking that cocktail class!

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