Coolest drink of the summer- Frose

Frose is the ‘coolest’ drink of the Summer and we are launching it this weekend at The Fence. No need to head to London or New York where this cocktail is taking these places by storm. It’s right on your own doorstep.

Frose has lately emerged as the “it” drink of the Summer, popping up on trendy cocktail menus all over the world and filling our Instagram feeds – so what’s all the fuss? – let us tell you. Whirred from a combo of strawberries, wine and grenadine and fortified by a shot of vodka, this pretty pink treat is an adult slushie. Did we mention, it’s totally delicious and hands down the most adorable drink. Imagine all the most delicious parts of summer combined into one fruity cocktail and that is basically what Frose is in a nutshell.

The idea for the alcohol slushie came from bar Primi in New York where the general manager Justin Sievers wanted to create a new drink using rose wine that was suitable for long hot afternoons.

If you want to add this delicious cocktail on to any of our hen packages, just email

So there you have it, is your mouth watering yet?? Make sure your at The Fence this weekend, we open Friday and Saturday from 7pm and join The Frose que 🙂

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