The Explosion of Gin

Wherever you go these days, it’s all about gin. No doubt it’s bang on trend and people can’t seem to get enough of it. From cocktails, and gin bars through to gin festivals, it’s what people want right now.
While there are some incredible gin brands globally like Bombay and Hendricks, the Irish market is starting to grow with some fantastic local distilleries. Here at The Fence, we have introduced Irish gins such as Drumshambo Gunpowder Gin, Dingle Gin and Short Cross Gin. Pop in and try them, we’re open every Friday and Saturday from 7pm. Try out some of our gin-based cocktails (Cocktail Club every Friday, 5 quid for a signature cocktail, live music).

There are some very interesting Gin projects underway in Ireland which incorporate more than the distillery itself. The most notable of these is the Listoke Gin School and distillery which is situated among the beautiful grounds of Listoke House in Co. Louth. While the distillery produces exceptional Gin infused with botanicals grown on the estate and collected in the wild, the Gin School offers another element of attraction. The school welcomes small groups or individuals who wish to spend the day distilling, foraging, infusing, bottling and even printing and applying labels to their Gin to take home at the end of the day. Sounds like our kind of day!

Other reasons to love Gin are the many health benefits!
– It can help eliminate wrinkles in your skin (no need for the Botox so!)
– It’s a natural remedy for arthritis.
– Juniper berries are jam packed with health benefits.
– It fights kidney and liver disease.
– It won’t jeopardise your waistline (cancel that gym membership, come to The Fence instead!) Gin happens to be one of the least calorific types of alcohol at about 97 calories. Since your digestive system is being revved up the juniper, your also less likely to bloat and develop a urinary tract infection as it helps flush out toxins. That’s the kind of cleanse we can get behind.
At The Fence, it’s safe to say we love Gin! We have a wide selection of gins to chose from with some gorgeous tonics and the freshest of fruits. We also have some incredible Gin cocktails and for something a little more interesting join us forĀ G and T(ea)!
Is it Gin O’Clock yet….!?

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