Flaunting the Flair!


Flaunting with Flair – Monin Materclass

A couple of weeks ago at The Fence, we held a crafty Monin Masterclass for all our super staff and other awesome bartenders from our sister bar John Dalys.

Just some deets regarding this fantastic masterclass, where delicious drinks flowed and a great time was had by all, courtesy of our good friends at Monin.

We were given a fantastic cocktail demonstration by Mr. Lee Hyde – one of the top bartenders in the UK. He is also Monin’s Beverage Innovation Manager for the UK and Ireland – fancy title, isn’t it?! Lee has managed a host of leading London bars and represented the UK at the World Cocktail Championships in Prague – so he really knows his stuff.

One of the big favourites of the night was the Popcorn Old Fashioned using Monin Popcorn Syrup and Maker’s Mark Bourbon. It was a huge hit with all our staff and went down smoothly. It really POPPED 🙂

We were all getting very much in the Monin mood after a few delicious cocktails which lead us to the most important event of the evening.

The FIRST International Fence Cocktail Championship – sponsored by Monin 🙂 

All the fantastic staff at The Fence and Dalys squared off against each other to create some devilishly delicious drinks using beautiful Monin Products.

The drinks that were created were oh so tasty! There could only be one winner though and that was a drink created by a couple of dudes who work in The Fence and Dalys. This tasty, tasty beverage was called CIAO SORONNO. A nutty cocktail with Monin pistachio syrup and Disaronno Amaretto Liquor.

This was a fantastic evening thoroughly enjoyed by all. The Fence and John Dalys would like to thank our friends over at Monin for a marvellous evenin’.

P.S keep your eye out for a few cheeky Monin based cocktails on our new summer menu coming soon.

Peace and love to all our awesome customers.


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